Welcome to KodeNet featuring open and secure communication services for XMPP and IRC.

About KodeNet

This Messaging Server is a secure public XMPP Jabber Service with support for MUC (Multi-User Chat), Groups, Privacy Lists, Offline Storage, vCards, Compression, File Transfer capabilities and more. This server is listed on list.jabber.at and the XMPP Server Directory. KodeNet is based out of Fremont, California - an innovative city in Silicon Valley.

KodeNet provides Jabber account services for the XMPP communications protocol. SSL/TLS encryption is required between clients and servers (C2S) and server to server (S2S) connections. For increased security enable Off-The-Record in your chat client to have fully encrypted chats. Check out the XMPP Standards Foundation for an extensive list of XMPP clients.

XMPP info

Use these settings to connect your Jabber ID using your favorite client.



Kode IM

Users can also choose to register chat accounts on the kode.im domain.





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Kode Docs

The Documentation pages are an available resource to help with connecting or registering on the KodeNet XMPP network.


IRC info

Use these settings to connect to Kode IRC. The web client is always available over a secure connection.




Can anyone register an account? Yes. Public XMPP registrations are open to those looking for a chat account.

How long are inactive accounts kept? Inactive user accounts are removed after 6 months.

Why does my new account already show someone in my buddy list? New JID accounts will see a Support Contact in the roster list, but it is not required to have. This user can be removed or re-added at any time.

How are user credentials protected? User account credentials are hashed and salted.

What is the minimum amount of characters a password or passphrase must be? 8 characters.

What address can I use for a File Transfer Proxy? proxy.im.koderoot.net or proxy.kode.im

I forgot my password or passphrase. Can this be reset? Users can update their existing password using a number of XMPP clients for in-band password resets. For security reasons there is currently no way to change a forgotten password.

Which XMPP communication server is being used? Prosody

What can I do about spam or abuse? Spam and abuse including advertisements of any kind will not be tolerated on this network. For spam or abuse please email abuse@kode.email with the full details. If Staff is online you can also send an Instant Message.

What else can be done to help with spam? KodeNet XMPP enforces Off-the-Record (OTR) encryption and blocks strangers not in your roster list. There are also measures in place to block entire spammer domains.


How do I register a nick? /msg NickServ Help Register or /ns Help Register

How do I register a new channel? /msg ChanServ Help Register or /cs Help Register

How do I request a vhost? /msg HostServ Help or /hs Help

Say Hello.

Email contact@kode.email Public Key 7F300F7C